Nothing but the best, with a touch of imagination.

Our greatest satisfaction is knowing that our products improve the lives of those who use them. It is their enthusiasm that drives us to develop even greater ideas and to strive for innovation in all that we do. Of the many diverse and talented people behind Tre Spade, their gifts and efforts converge towards one goal: to offer nothing but the best every day, with commitment and imagination.

Tre Spade, yesterday & today

Tre Spade, a company founded in 1894, has always been a family business with a strong dedication to handcrafted production and its roots in the green hills of Canavese, a small region north of Turin.

While initially only producing hot-forged tools, the company began making coffee grinders soon afterwards, which quickly grew into our main business. We acquired market leadership and have maintained that position for over seventy years.
Production has diversified over the years, covering other household appliances, as well as professional and semi-professional tools used in food preparation and preservation.
We also improved our planning methods and production processes, with a focus on product care, personnel training, and attention to customer satisfaction. Now our products can be found on many tables, in the homes and professional kitchens of clients worldwide – a fact that is the pride and satisfaction of all Tre Spade staff.